Pet Gift Box

Dear pet lovers, it’s hard to find the right toys for your pets, dogs OR cats. But let me tell you, with Pet Gift Box they will give you so many fun options of toys and treats. With this box, the company really makes it easy to find specific toys for your type of pet. When you start you give them your animals name, choose whether it’s a cat or dog and if it’s a dog you can choose Petite pup, Mid-sized pup or Hefty hound making sure everything you get is the right size for your animal.

Did I mention all their products are ORGANIC including ORGANIC cat nip!

Since I have two cats I did get the cat box. I gave my cats name and LOVED the personalized name tag (pictured below.)


My box came with FIVE items including: Petcandy Candy Stix Catnip Toy, Ice Cream Cone Refillable Catnip Toy, Pawbreaker (more Catnip), Petcandy Nips and Dental Treats. Did I happen to mention my cats GO CRAZY for catnip?? So this box was Purrrrrfect (I had to.)
My cats went berserk before I even opened the box! I knew it had to have catnip in it. I have tested all four catnip toys with the cats and they have been a success.

Pet Gift Box  has four options of box deals ranging from only one month at $28.99 to 12 months for $18.99 a month which is a 34% savings. If you love purchasing toys and treats for your pets I would definitely recommend purchasing your own personalized Pet Gift Box. Check em out!!!



My Lemon Crate

NEW BOX ALERT! My Lemon Crate is a new company who I really hope everyone takes the time to check out! They are completely focused on being a resource for essential oil enthusiasts and providing all-natural alternatives to toxic products. They post recipes, informational tips, and much MUCH more!

This box stood out to me because of it’s natural health products. Also, who doesn’t love lemon?? Each month’s box has a different theme, such as May’s box which was titled Summer Ready and featured all natural sunscreen, cooling aloe spray, lime infused salt, and a coconut hair mask. (I LOVE coconut too!)

Each month is $29.00, which for all natural products is an AWESOME deal!

If you want to learn more about My Lemon Crate check out their social media:
Instagram: @mylemoncrate
Facebook: Lemon Crate

I really see this company taking off, please head on over to their website today!

lemon crate


When I was 8 years old I had a kidney operation that led to me being in the hospital for a full long BORING week. Each day I received a GET WELL card from my aunt. Inside the card would always be one or two sheets of stickers, all different. This lead to my very first collection which was a collection of stickers. As a kid I LOVED getting stickers and I still feel that way today.

The monthly subscription envelope PIPSTICKS is the sticker subscription that my inner child needed. The envelope is FILLED with hundreds of different types of stickers from little perfume bottles to emojis (my personal favorite.) I received the Starter Selection of stickers from this company. This is the first envelope that any subscriber gets. It was packed tight will so many detailed stickers.

What I like about this club is that they treat their customers like members of a club. A letter was put in my envelope asking for my opinion on the stickers. They informed me if I had any questions or issues with the stickers that the company loves communicating with their club members.

The company has both kids stickers and “Pro” stickers which come in two sizes. 15+ sheets for $14.95 OR 7+ sheets for $9.95 (plus they add bonus items.) If stickers are your hobby then I do believe this is a good price to spend. Not to mention if you head on over to PIPSTICKS you can use my coupon code: MUSIC 15 to recieve 15% off your purchase!

If you’re not sold yet, I would like to share the quote at the top of every email this company has sent me: “Our motto: Have fun, believe in unicorns, and avoid mean people.” – If that’s a company that sounds like fun to you head over to PIPSTICKS right now!

FullSizeRender (1)

Peaches and Petals

Hello fellow monthly subscription lovers! Do I have a question for you! I have just recently been informed about the company Peaches and Petals. This is a monthly box subscription that is full of a combination of beauty accessories, jewelry, lifestyle goods and beauty products. Sounds like the perfect combination to me!

Below I will leave the video they use on their website to advertise their product. I wanted to know if anyone has tried the box or knows anyone who has? Please comment below or contact me on the contact page if you think I should try it!

According to the Peaches and Petals  blog this box is 19.99$ per month BUT the month of May has THREE coupon codes.

Copied from the Peaches and Petals blog which you can visit here: April 2016 Box Review Plus Promo Codes

“Get 50% off your first box (bringing the price down to just $10!) with promo code PEACHMAY50. If that doesn’t work, you can try PEACHMAY25 and PEACHMAY10 for25% off and 10% off, respectively. They have a new system with the promo codes, in which each code can only be used a set number of times. I checked just now and the 50% off code is still working, but use it while you can!”

With codes that make the box 50% off, I might have to try it! Please let me know what you think or if you’ve tried it! OR if this is a box that interests you please just go on and click any link above!

Chroma Club

The child in me is very excited to talk about this monthly subscription! The Chroma Club monthly subscription is an almost pocket sized coloring book (more like purse sized if we’re getting technical.)  This company uses eco-friendly paper which they print their beautiful designs on. What I like about this product is that the pictures they use are unique to the company, so you’ve never seen these pictures in any other coloring book before.

Now when it comes to adult coloring books, what I’ve noticed in my coloring experience is that the pictures are TOO complicated. It’s a great stress reliever but they take HOURS to finish. That is NOT the case with this coloring book. These pictures are just the right size for you to express a lot of creativity, but still have a finished product to be proud of in less than an hour.

I got the Chroma Club volume 3 and I am excited to start coloring. The price of each book is 8$, which personally on a college budget, I might be a little iffy about spending on a coloring book. However, if you go through my link on this post it will only be 6$ a month which is a little more reasonable. I am also getting volume 4 delivered as well and will write a second review if my opinions change.

If this fun sized coloring book sounds like a product for you at 6$ a month, go check out: Chroma Club today!!!

chroma club

Candy Japan

I was SO excited when I stumbled upon Candy Japan! As I’ve said before I LOVE exotic snacks and candies and this was just one more opportunity to explore the world! Candy Japan is a box full of Japanese candies, anywhere from sour to sweet.

I personally, just received a sample package with three products in it. This included sour balls, gummies and gum all straight from Japan. (You can tell, the packages are written in Japanese.) I found these candies fresh and delicious. It was such an adventure to try new candies from across the world.

If you want to try these exotic candies for 25$ a month, shipped straight from Japan, subscribe to Candy Japan right now!

candy japan

Smart Art

This is a box for ANY art lover. No matter if you like photography, drawing, clay making, painting, you will LOVE Smart Art! These boxes are individual each month focusing on one style of art. As an artist you may want to broaden your horizons but might not be sure how. This box IS how!

My box was the October box I believe and it was full of everything I didn’t know I needed to start my clay making career. It was exciting to see that everything was given to me and taken care of, there was nothing extra I had to buy to start using my clay. I was given the tools, and techniques I needed to start working with clay. And I LOVED that. This box could easily make an artist out of ANYONE!

This box is more expensive at $49.95  BUT if you are an artist or aspiring to being an artist this box will fill your needs. They will the box to the brim will all the materials you would want to start an art project.

If you’re ready to start or continue your artist career click on Smart Art  right now!

smart art

The Cozy Mug

Do you like tea? Do you like to relax? Do you like chocolate and other yummy baked goods? Then you’ll probably like The Cozy Mug. The Cozy Mug is a once a month subscription box that provides loose leaf tea and small chocolates and goodies. Anything you need to have a cozy night.

My box came with multiple flavors of teas with different uses. As well as chocolates and a candle. This candle smelled AMAZING by the way. My personal favorite part of the box was a personalized letter making the box seem like a present rather than a box you purchased for yourself (though I would recommend it as a gift as well.)

This product is a little pricier at $24.95 a month, but you are receiving designer tea and a wonderful cozy night. All you need is a blanket. If coziness is something that interests you then head on over to The Cozy Mug !

the coy mug

8 PM Beauty

This product is a little different than my other posts. Instead of having their own domain 8 PM Beauty uses Etsy for their once a month products. This company creates ALL NATURAL soaps, chap sticks, body butters and more. They are all hand made with all natural products, NO CHEMICALS!

I have to say these products had to be one of my favorites so far. I was so amazingly impressed and still use them today. I was given 8 different types of soaps with a letter explaining each scent and all the ingredients that were put into it. The soaps come beautifully, individually wrapped which shows the care and love put into these products. I was so amazed by the quality of each product. I haven’t used store bought soap in months because of the amount and quality of the soaps I was given.

I believe this subscription is very well priced. For a 3 month subscription it is only $16.50 which includes limited time soaps and chap sticks. I however would recommend the 6 month subscription, for $30, it’s only $5 a month and SO WORTH IT! I’m afraid of the day I have to go back to using regular soap.

Please consider heading over to 8PM Beauty  on Etsy, you will NOT regret it!

8 pm beauty

Purr Packs

ATTENTION CAT LOVERS, if you love your cat and you love quality cat products then you HAVE to look into Purr Packs. I was SO impressed. This Pack is full of a combination of cat toys, treats and grooming products. They use name brands like Purina and Zanies.

My Pack had all sorts of fun kitty toys like mice, feathers and a CAT NIP filled banana. You know how much cats love cat nip.

This product is a little more expensive than other boxes I have featured at $24.99 a box, but you are receiving WAY more than $25 worth of kitty goodies. Also not to mention 10% of ALL retail is donated to local rescue and adoption programs. So not only are you getting a lot for your cat, you’re giving a lot to other cats as well.

My cats were huge fans of these products. There wasn’t a single item I didn’t find use for. Head on over to Purr Packs  if you think helping the animal community is a job for you!

purr pak