8 PM Beauty

This product is a little different than my other posts. Instead of having their own domain 8 PM Beauty uses Etsy for their once a month products. This company creates ALL NATURAL soaps, chap sticks, body butters and more. They are all hand made with all natural products, NO CHEMICALS!

I have to say these products had to be one of my favorites so far. I was so amazingly impressed and still use them today. I was given 8 different types of soaps with a letter explaining each scent and all the ingredients that were put into it. The soaps come beautifully, individually wrapped which shows the care and love put into these products. I was so amazed by the quality of each product. I haven’t used store bought soap in months because of the amount and quality of the soaps I was given.

I believe this subscription is very well priced. For a 3 month subscription it is only $16.50 which includes limited time soaps and chap sticks. I however would recommend the 6 month subscription, for $30, it’s only $5 a month and SO WORTH IT! I’m afraid of the day I have to go back to using regular soap.

Please consider heading over to 8PM Beauty  on Etsy, you will NOT regret it!

8 pm beauty


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