I am SO excited to make my first post about Graze ! I was so impressed with the products that were shipped to me. Graze is a company that focuses on mindful eating, while still focusing on delicious tasting food.

I was lucky enough to get three boxes in the mail. Each box contained four snacks (the company has now released 8 snack boxes) that were a combination of savory and sweet. I was excited to find that I liked each snack. I noticed that most snacks are a combination of flavors to create a specific taste. For example, my personal favorite was the cookies and cream snack. This snack includes: mini cocoa cookies, white chocolate buttons, chocolate fudge and sunflower seeds to make a delicious flavor combination in your mouth.

This product is extremely cost efficient for healthy delicious food. One box of 8 snacks costs only $11.99.
OR get your FIRST and FIFTH box FREE by using this code: LIZM1D4DB

If you enjoy cheap delicious HEALTHY snacks, then GRAZE is the box for you!






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