Munch Pak

When I first heard of Munch Pak I HAD to try it! This was the first subscription box I had heard of or ever had any interest in. Munch Pak let’s you travel the world right from your house. It’s stock full of delicious snack foods from all over the world.

Not to mention extinct snack foods such as 3-D DORITOS! (I KNOW)

I love traveling, especially for the food. However, a plane ticket can be thousands of dollars. This subscription box starts off at only $9.95. That’s WAY cheaper than a plane ticket, and WAY worth it if you ask me.

I ended up with the Munch Pak Original, which has about 10 snacks total. My Pak included everything from Indonesian chick pea snacks to Japanese Pringles. The single only thing I didn’t like was a Mexican snack food which was a combination of a lollipop and spices (not my thing.)  But I was overall pleased with the product and definitely plan on buying one again.

If you want to buy one head on over to Munch Pak ! And if you want to save some $$$ you can sign up for their news letter to save 3$ as well as enter this code: LAURAMUSIC to save 3$ MORE!!!!

munch pak


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