Purr Packs

ATTENTION CAT LOVERS, if you love your cat and you love quality cat products then you HAVE to look into Purr Packs. I was SO impressed. This Pack is full of a combination of cat toys, treats and grooming products. They use name brands like Purina and Zanies.

My Pack had all sorts of fun kitty toys like mice, feathers and a CAT NIP filled banana. You know how much cats love cat nip.

This product is a little more expensive than other boxes I have featured at $24.99 a box, but you are receiving WAY more than $25 worth of kitty goodies. Also not to mention 10% of ALL retail is donated to local rescue and adoption programs. So not only are you getting a lot for your cat, you’re giving a lot to other cats as well.

My cats were huge fans of these products. There wasn’t a single item I didn’t find use for. Head on over to Purr Packs  if you think helping the animal community is a job for you!

purr pak


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