Smart Art

This is a box for ANY art lover. No matter if you like photography, drawing, clay making, painting, you will LOVE Smart Art! These boxes are individual each month focusing on one style of art. As an artist you may want to broaden your horizons but might not be sure how. This box IS how!

My box was the October box I believe and it was full of everything I didn’t know I needed to start my clay making career. It was exciting to see that everything was given to me and taken care of, there was nothing extra I had to buy to start using my clay. I was given the tools, and techniques I needed to start working with clay. And I LOVED that. This box could easily make an artist out of ANYONE!

This box is more expensive at $49.95  BUT if you are an artist or aspiring to being an artist this box will fill your needs. They will the box to the brim will all the materials you would want to start an art project.

If you’re ready to start or continue your artist career click on Smart Art  right now!

smart art


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