The Cozy Mug

Do you like tea? Do you like to relax? Do you like chocolate and other yummy baked goods? Then you’ll probably like The Cozy Mug. The Cozy Mug is a once a month subscription box that provides loose leaf tea and small chocolates and goodies. Anything you need to have a cozy night.

My box came with multiple flavors of teas with different uses. As well as chocolates and a candle. This candle smelled AMAZING by the way. My personal favorite part of the box was a personalized letter making the box seem like a present rather than a box you purchased for yourself (though I would recommend it as a gift as well.)

This product is a little pricier at $24.95 a month, but you are receiving designer tea and a wonderful cozy night. All you need is a blanket. If coziness is something that interests you then head on over to The Cozy Mug !

the coy mug


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