The Music Box

The Music Box  is the #1 Music Related Subscription Box, and I can see why. As a huge music fan, I always have a hard time finding new music, especially when all the radio plays is the top 50’s. Sure I can always search through Youtube, but that takes hours to find only a few songs that I enjoy.

The Music Box is great because they send the new music straight to you. These boxes include CD’s of new artists and bands that each have their own unique new sound. I will be honest, not every song was for me, but I enjoyed listening to new sounds I had never heard before.

If you are a huge music fan always looking for something new then this IS the box for you. The cheapest box is 12$/month and I think it’s completely worth it. I got the 12$ box and was excited to find three CD’s AND various stickers and merch  for these artists as well. Plus a little bag of candy was an extra bonus! The amount of things in this box is worth WAY over the 12$/month.

Check it out: The Music Box


the music box


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