Chroma Club

The child in me is very excited to talk about this monthly subscription! The Chroma Club monthly subscription is an almost pocket sized coloring book (more like purse sized if we’re getting technical.)  This company uses eco-friendly paper which they print their beautiful designs on. What I like about this product is that the pictures they use are unique to the company, so you’ve never seen these pictures in any other coloring book before.

Now when it comes to adult coloring books, what I’ve noticed in my coloring experience is that the pictures are TOO complicated. It’s a great stress reliever but they take HOURS to finish. That is NOT the case with this coloring book. These pictures are just the right size for you to express a lot of creativity, but still have a finished product to be proud of in less than an hour.

I got the Chroma Club volume 3 and I am excited to start coloring. The price of each book is 8$, which personally on a college budget, I might be a little iffy about spending on a coloring book. However, if you go through my link on this post it will only be 6$ a month which is a little more reasonable. I am also getting volume 4 delivered as well and will write a second review if my opinions change.

If this fun sized coloring book sounds like a product for you at 6$ a month, go check out: Chroma Club today!!!

chroma club


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