When I was 8 years old I had a kidney operation that led to me being in the hospital for a full long BORING week. Each day I received a GET WELL card from my aunt. Inside the card would always be one or two sheets of stickers, all different. This lead to my very first collection which was a collection of stickers. As a kid I LOVED getting stickers and I still feel that way today.

The monthly subscription envelope PIPSTICKS is the sticker subscription that my inner child needed. The envelope is FILLED with hundreds of different types of stickers from little perfume bottles to emojis (my personal favorite.) I received the Starter Selection of stickers from this company. This is the first envelope that any subscriber gets. It was packed tight will so many detailed stickers.

What I like about this club is that they treat their customers like members of a club. A letter was put in my envelope asking for my opinion on the stickers. They informed me if I had any questions or issues with the stickers that the company loves communicating with their club members.

The company has both kids stickers and “Pro” stickers which come in two sizes. 15+ sheets for $14.95 OR 7+ sheets for $9.95 (plus they add bonus items.) If stickers are your hobby then I do believe this is a good price to spend. Not to mention if you head on over to PIPSTICKS you can use my coupon code: MUSIC 15 to recieve 15% off your purchase!

If you’re not sold yet, I would like to share the quote at the top of every email this company has sent me: “Our motto: Have fun, believe in unicorns, and avoid mean people.” – If that’s a company that sounds like fun to you head over to PIPSTICKS right now!

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