Pet Gift Box

Dear pet lovers, it’s hard to find the right toys for your pets, dogs OR cats. But let me tell you, with Pet Gift Box they will give you so many fun options of toys and treats. With this box, the company really makes it easy to find specific toys for your type of pet. When you start you give them your animals name, choose whether it’s a cat or dog and if it’s a dog you can choose Petite pup, Mid-sized pup or Hefty hound making sure everything you get is the right size for your animal.

Did I mention all their products are ORGANIC including ORGANIC cat nip!

Since I have two cats I did get the cat box. I gave my cats name and LOVED the personalized name tag (pictured below.)


My box came with FIVE items including: Petcandy Candy Stix Catnip Toy, Ice Cream Cone Refillable Catnip Toy, Pawbreaker (more Catnip), Petcandy Nips and Dental Treats. Did I happen to mention my cats GO CRAZY for catnip?? So this box was Purrrrrfect (I had to.)
My cats went berserk before I even opened the box! I knew it had to have catnip in it. I have tested all four catnip toys with the cats and they have been a success.

Pet Gift Box  has four options of box deals ranging from only one month at $28.99 to 12 months for $18.99 a month which is a 34% savings. If you love purchasing toys and treats for your pets I would definitely recommend purchasing your own personalized Pet Gift Box. Check em out!!!



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