Book Of The Month

I am not a huge reader, I will be honest there. But I have to say the Book Of The Month has got me reading more than I’d like to admit. This club began NINETY years ago and still keeps up to its legacy.

The way this company works is each month five books are chosen. The customer then can choose one out of the five books that they want to read. To help choose the right book for you, the website includes judges who review the books each month. You can read their reviews and get a better insight on each of the books. I’d also like to mention these judges have included Whoopi Goldberg and Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory! 

I received ALL five books of the month for June 1026 so that I can show you all the awesome selections this month. As a member, you can get up to 3 books each month by adding on 2 more hardcover books for just $9.99 each, which if you’re a huge book lover, might be worth it. The five books were Before The Fall by Noah Hawley, The Veins Of The Ocean by Patricia Engel, Modern Lovers by Emma Straub, Shrill by Lindy West and Enchanted Island by Allison Amend.

I know they never say to judge a book by it’s cover but Modern Lovers cover had such beautiful art I had to pick it first. And I am SO glad I did. I’m already half way through!! I’m sure the other four books are great, but if you have yet to pick your June selection I may have to recommend Modern Lovers. This story explores the relationships of adults and teens, making it a book that both young adults and adults can enjoy! Don’t trust me though, check out the judges opinions on the other books as well before you pick which book is right for you. (OR buy THREE with your membership.)

Now let’s talk price. A three month membership is NORMALLY 44.97, now this price isn’t terrible especially when you are getting full copy, hardcover books.
BUT with the code: README  you will receive 30% off your three month subscription, making it about $10 a month. With all that money saved you might as well buy two or three of the reads! Not to mention, the books from past months are ALL available as well!

If you are a book lover I HIGHLY recommend this monthly purchase. I’m not even a reader and I may just have to purchase next months books as well. Please head on over to Book Of The Month  to see what their judges have to say! Also check out their Facebook HERE !!!!
I promise if you love books you WILL NOT regret it!



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