It Could Be A Boat

If you are a huge fan of mysteries in all sorts then you will LOVE this box!! It Could Be A Boat is a monthly subscription box that is COMPLETELY random and COMPLETELY mysterious. This box is stocked FULL of random items that you won’t know until it comes to your door.

As a kid I would LOVE getting mystery grab bags at fairs and carnivals, and this just feels like a grown up version of those.

The box comes in three sizes, small, medium and large. I received a medium package, but with the amount of stuff in it I would have believed it was a large. You receive WAY more than your monies worth. In my box of goodies I had a selfie stick, test tube shot glasses, a SpongeBob SquarePants sandwich cutter, a portable charger (which I conveniently needed one)  and a tin can bowling game (which I will use at parties.) I was very pleasantly surprised with this group of items. Instead of getting random junk that would just turn into clutter I am actually happy to say I will use every item in my box.

Again the boxes come in three different sizes with three different prices. The small mystery box is $10, the medium is $25 and the large is $40, which with the amount of stuff I got in the $25 box, I can’t imagine whats in the $40 box. If you buy one please contact me on the contact page and let me know! Or you can subscribe monthly for only $10 each month. Not to mention 10% of all proceeds go to organizations that provided services to people with mental illness!

This box I believe is extremely fun for all ages. I think of it as a little present to yourself each month because you don’t know what you’re getting AT ALL!

If buying yourself a mystery present each month is something that interests you please check out It Could Be A Boat right now!!


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