Bull and Stash

Guys I am feeling FANCY! I have just received a REUSABLE leather journal from Bull And Stash . If this doesn’t make a person feel fancy, I don’t know what does. This company makes different size leather journals at very reasonable prices. The best part? If you fill up your journal you DON’T have to go out and buy a new one. This company sells paper refills and their journals are designed to easily let you add and remove the note book paper.

I support this company a lot because it was started by Cameron Huber while he was at school at the University of Oregon. I support any entrepreneur who starts their career in college (I could NEVER find the time to do that.)

Cameron (the creator) studied architecture as a student and frequently used notebooks for sketches, homework, and his ideas. When looking at the countless stack of notebooks he had laying around, the idea for refillable leather notebook was born. At the same time, Cameron had previously been relying on financial aid to fund his schooling, but his Mother was bumped up into the next tax bracket and was no longer able to claim his scholarships. I completely understand the struggle and love that this company was made in hopes to raise money to pay student loans.

Cameron decided to start a Kickstarter to fund his idea. His original goal was to raise $5000 to cover the cost of tuition (I wish my tuition was that cheap) AND to get the company started, but his Kickstarter ended up raising just under $70,000! Cameron, having very little experience in business, began to build his network and bring people into the company to help it grow. Since the Kickstarter campaign, Bull and Stash has been growing rapidly and is currently working on expanding internationally!

I LOVE this idea and can easily see how his Kickstarter raised so much money. The notebooks I received was their  “The Stash” notebook. I LOVE it. It is a sturdy cover and the notebook paper has TONS of lines to write as much as I want on.

As of right now the notebooks come in two sizes. “The Stash ” is their larger notebook sold at $50.00, or if you need a little less “The Travel Stash ” is only $25.00, which is an insanely good price for genuine leather.

If you love writing down your creative ideas and stories please check out Bull And Stash!

bull and stash


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