HELLO DOG LOVERS! So since I have cats I have done multiple cat box reviews, but my latest adventure is the PawPack monthly subscription FOR DOGS! This box comes with all natural, eco friendly toys and treats for your fuzzy little friend. They are JAM PACKED with doggy items.

The box comes in one size, but you can pick from three different dog sizes. If your dog weighs anywhere from 1 to 25 pounds, sign up for the small dog box. If your dog weighs 25-50 pounds, sign up for the medium dog box. Or with a 50+ pounds dog, sign up for the large dog box. This just makes it so that the items can be customized for the size of your puppy friend.

My box was perfect for my sisters puppy Ellie. Shes a lil puppy so I got her the small dog box. Something fun was that the box was themed, which I assume they do every month. This months theme was intergalactic. This box had six items in it.  A chew stick, a pig ear chewing thing, fish treats, an led light to put on her collar (I like this one the best,) a pink fetch ball and a cute squeeky toy shaped like an alien.

The box costs $35.00 which I think may be slightly too high, but if you do want to get a neat little gift for your puppy, it’s worth it for natural healthy snacks and fun toys. I love all boxes for pets, I think they’re cute little monthly presents for them and I hope to be able to check out more pet boxes. If you know of any please contact me on my contact page.

If you want to buy a lovely present for your furry little friend head straight to PawPack‘s website right HERE



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