Black Socks

Alright so, there’s some necessities in life right guys? You have to wear clothes everyday, and if you’re a shoe wearer, you HAVE TO wear socks (or else it gets all gross and sweaty and I won’t get into details.) If you have to wear socks with shoes you might as well get the best for your feet right? Right. And the best is part of the Black Socks subscription!

This company aspires in men’s socks, tshirts, business shirts and underwear. However I am a female and I LOVE their socks, I really do. Their clothing items are top of the line, comfortable, professional looking fabrics. I see this company appealing most to business men, but I also see it good for ANY sock wearer in this world.

Now the company has four type of subscriptions: socks, tshirts, business shirts and underwear. I received a one month subscription of socks. This package had three types. Two of their famous black socks, one pair business light and one pair classic. The business light were super comfy and very professional looking. I will wear them if I have to do any interviews in the future. If you’re a cotton fan I will tell you these were made of 74% Cotton. The classic pair I like as well, the difference between the two is that the classic pair has those usual sock ripples that you see in nice socks. The classic pair is also 81% Peruvian Pima Cotton. The last pair was a pair of FUNKY SOCKS and they are FUNKY! I love the silly colors (please check out the picture below,) AND they’re 50% cotton!

Now it’s hard to tell you an actual price because there are SO MANY subscription options, but I can tell you the socks run from about $10-$12 a pair which is great for how COMFORTABLE these socks are!!

If you have a lot of business meetings or are just a man who needs his basic clothing you HAVE TO check out Black Socks  immediately!!



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