Bass & Crates

ARE YOU READY TO PARTY!? No really I just received a box from Bass & Crates and it is AMAZING! These boxes (or should I say bags) are FILLED with fun gear that good for parties, concerts and of course RAVES!

The crate comes in three sizes, Casual Crate, The Vibe Crate and HeavyDrop Kit. I got the Vibe Crate (so like the medium) and it had way more stuff than I expected. When I opened it I found both a bag and extra overflow in the box. The items I received were a necklace, multipurpose head scarf, a hat, a shirt, a skirt AND socks with a Tetris design. That is a WHOLE outfit (though together would probably look a LITTLE silly.)

So as I mentioned these crates come in three sizes. The Casual Crate is $27.99 a month, the Vibe Crate is $35.99 a month and the HeavyDrop Crate is $69.99 a month. SO WORTH IT. They give you SO MUCH STUFF!!

I will admit the material the clothes are made out of is kind of thin but I can see how a party goer may like it since it IS lightweight.

If you are a party loving, concert going freak like me PLEASE check out Bass & Crates right now!


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