Bootay Bag


I also can’t deny that I like MONTHLY UNDERWEAR from Bootay Bag! This is a monthly subscription company that sells, as I just said, monthly underwear. They send two pairs to your door AND shipping is FREE! Who doesn’t like free?

This company also stands out to me because they are very active in donating to the Melanoma foundation, which if for some reason you don’t know what Melanoma is it is a form of skin cancer. So not only are you getting really REALLY cute underwear, but your money is going to a great cause.

I did get one subscription bag and it came with two VERY cute pairs of underwear. The first pair was black, lace like, had a very cute design and was a thong. The second was a regular pair of underwear (whatever you call a regular shape pair) and they were a tan and pinkish type of underwear made from very comfortable feeling fabric. I love the idea of monthly underwear and am really considering fully subscribing to this company because who couldn’t use monthly underwear?

The company reminds you on each pair of underwear as well, make sure to use the #undermatters when posting about your products (if you decide to show them off to the world) and a donation will be made to the melanoma foundation! Such a great idea!

The lovely bag of two pairs of underwear costs $12 a month with FREE shipping. WORTH IT!!!! They look so nice! I compared it to Victoria Secrets in my video (attached below) saying that each pair there is a little less than $6 as well (if you do their 5 for $27.50 deal) so most people are used to spending that price on underwear anyways. PLUS they sell different underwear and bras on their website seppperate from the subscription bag as well.

If free shipping and comfortable, good looking underwear sound like  a commitment you want to make go check out Bootay Bag today!!


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