Treatsie Artisan Sweets

I have a sweet tooth and I know you do too! Never fear, I just found a great way to take care of those cravings and that is Treatsie! This box is yet another monthly subscription full of incredible artisan sweets. My favorite part was that I found most products to be natural, organic, GMO free or no artificial colors which makes them slightly healthier than your average cookie or candy bar. So if you’re reaching for a sweet snack why not try Treatsie?

My box came with five items, four original ones and one bonus item! The snacks I received were coconut shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate (YUM), little sour hard candies, caramel filled waffles, healthy fruit chews (kinda like Starbursts only organic), and last but not least ginger cookies filled with 3 different types of ginger.

There wasn’t a food item I did not enjoy in the box, usually there’s one or too but you do enter your food preferences when you sign up for the box. I would tell you guys if one or two snacks did not taste how I expected, but I really did like each item and could easily taste the quality and the sweetness c:!

These boxes come with multiple payment options which I mention in my video linked below, however the standard monthly price is $19.95 per box per month and that includes shipping and handling. A big thing I like about Treatsie  that not a lot of subscription boxes do is if there’s one item you favor over the others in your box you can purchase each snack separately on their website as well.  SO for example since I really liked the chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, I may end up just purchasing a bunch of those with out having to subscribe to the box monthly.

I really do recommend this box, I was highly impressed with the quality of the food and it really isn’t a ridiculous price, it comes out to about $4.00 a snack, which is around what you would pay for each one individually anyways.  Please check out Treasie  if this is something that interests you and feel free to use the code lauratreatsie to get an extra snack in your box!


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