BeautyFix By Dermstore

Quality beauty products at an affordable price, sounds too good to be true right? Well I can tell you it’s not because BeautyFix by  Dermstore exists. This monthly subscription box gives you SEVEN items that are high quality beauty product must haves. Plus they range from hair products, make up, all the way to super awesome razors. Overall I think this box is pretty freakin cool.

The box does come in one size but one size is all you need. There were seven products total, and there’s about five or six that I know I can use on a daily basis. These items include anti frizz spray, aging lotion, whiting toothpaste, a razor and much more! I have to say most things are travel/sample sized items but I do think they will still last me a long time. Plus on the Dermstore website you can buy any of the products separately, or purchase any of their other make up, skin care, hair products, etc as well! I think this box is great and they really do keep up to the standards of great quality beauty products.

This box can come to you monthly for $24.95 which is an awesome deal! Here is this reason why straight from an image on their website:
put this on chart thing

And normally I would say this is just a marketing scheme but I do have to agree that the quality of these products will live up to your standards. To purchase this lovely beauty box head over to BeautyFix right now!



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