OM NOM NOM I LOVE SNACKS and this snack box called Eatsie is absolutely DELICIOUS! This box is a combination of EVERYTHING both salty and sweet and organic to not so healthy. You will find close to TEN items in your box ranging from jerky to a healthy protein bar. Also, did I mention if you let them know you have a pet you’ll get pet food as well? CRAZY this box really comes with something for EVERYONE.

The box comes in one size and you can order it monthly, for three months or for twelve months. My box had an AMAZING combination of snacks, I don’t think I can even list them all! Lets see, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate wafers, lollipops, jerky, kind bars, protein bars AND MY FAVORITE KINDER CHOCOLATE HIPPOS THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT THEY HAVE KINDER CHOCOLATE IN THEIR STOCK AND THAT IS IMPORTANT. Oh plus a rubber ducky was in the box, I’m not sure why by it was cute and I’m not gonna argue it. Unfortunately though one bag was open but I’m gonna give the benefit of the doubt  and assume that was just a shipping error.

Again as I said there are three ways to purchase this box. You can pay one $23.00 fee each month, one $68.00 fee for three months OR $138.00 for TWELVE MONTHS OF DELICIOUS SNACKAGE!

I really do like this box I like how versatile the snacks are and how many options you get. If this is something that sounds appealing to you please check out Eatsie as soon as you can!


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