Lux Beauty Club

HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR HAIR, flow it, show it, long as God can grow it my hair. If you want longer hair or different hair styles, extensions and weaves check out Lux Beauty Club! This company is the LEADER of all hair extensions, clip ons and weaves, everything you need to give your hair that extra push of length that you want. This company has hair in every style and every natural color that you could imagine, PLUS they sell hair care products as well!

I received two hair extensions from the company. I got them both in brown and curly, which is the style that my natural hair stays in. I just recently got my hair cut so it was perfect timing to film a video about hair extensions! I was amazed at how NATURAL they look. To be fair I have never used hair extensions before, but if you check out the video below you will see that my natural hair blends really well with the extensions!

I am overall very impressed with Lux Beauty Club‘s products. The hair extensions came very well packaged, weren’t tangled in the slightest bit and worked perfectly well! Some of the pieces that were 4 inches across didn’t fit my friend Katy’s head who I also used to demonstrate the hair extensions. However, I was still able to find a section in her hair to place the clip, and it fit in naturally.

If awesome, high quality, WELL PRICED, extensions, weaves and wigs are an interest of yours head on over to Lux Beauty Club  ASAP!!!



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