BBQ Treat

Happy 4th of July everyone!! What are some things you think of when you think of the 4th? Hot dogs, hamburgers, BARBECUE?? I would say those are the top things I think of, and it’s perfect that it’s the 4th because today  because I just received a box from BBQ Treat!! This company sells award winning BBQ rubs and sauces each and every month!

Each month the company features one award winning pit master’s rub and BBQ sauces. These products are hand picked by owners Ben and Nick who have both competed and judged in hundreds of barbecue competitions and NOW they are here to send award winning barbecue products straight to your door step.

My box came with Victory Lane BBQ rub, BBQ sauces, butter bath and wrap, a whole guide to pit master secrets in cooking AND an awesome food magnet telling you the right temperatures to get your rare to well done meats whilst cooking. The BBQ sauce was mild which I loved because I cannot stand spicy food. It was smoky with a nice kick and I COMPLETELY understand how it is an award winning sauce. Plus I love the idea of the magnet, it is big and easy to read and perfect size to put on your fridge and refer to every day.

Again, it is the summer, it is the 4th, BBQ products are a necessity this time of year. And for only $39.99 a month OR $49.99 for a one time payment, you can have AMAZING BBQ products at your door! Check out BBQ Treat  this second!!


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