Lip Monthly

Every girl OR boy needs their own bag of professional, quality, lip products to use in their every day life. This is possible THANKS TO the creators of Lip Monthly. This company provides make up bags monthly with four to five make up items that can help you with your lip and beauty daily routines. Each month comes with a costume bag and is filled with three to four lip products and one bonus make up item unrelated to lips.

I received the June bag from lip monthly. The actual make up bag was green and covered in ADORABLE red cherries. Now what I really like about this bag is it tells you the retail price of each item that is in your bag. I received a lip crayon, lip butter, a blush and cheek stick AND my extra make up item was a highlighting pen. THIS ARE QUALITY PRODUCTS! I know a lot of people advertise companies and lie about their products but I am telling you this is the real deal, they provide you real quality products from high end brands.

Now as I mentioned the bag does come with a card telling you the prices of each item and my bag cost a total of $69.95 if I were to purchase every item separately. I am going to repeat that, ALMOST $70 DOLLARS!

And you’ll never guess how much this bag costs.

Go ahead guess.

$12.95 people! Every item in the bag costs more than the actual bag itself!! Plus if you look on the Lip Monthly  website they post deals and ways to get free bags ALL THE TIME! So if you love make up and more importantly quality make up please consider subscribing to   Lip Monthly .



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