Pet Gift Box (Part Two) July Box

This may be a short review only because it is my SECOND TIME reviewing the AMAZING box which is Pet Gift Box! Again this box provides awesome pet products for dogs and cats, big or small! The food products are all natural and the toys are high quality. If you want to check out my last review of this company you can check it out here: Pet Gift Box Review !

I did my original review previous to my Youtube channel coming out. So luckily I was able to do an unboxing this time to show everyone the awesome products inside! My box was for my two cats Marley and Bailey. Each month the box has a different theme which I love and this month’s was “Gone Fishing.” If it wasn’t obvious that means that everything in the box was fish related. I received 2 fish pet toys, a fun squeeze fish toy, a catnip filled fish toy and freeze dried shrimp which unfortunately my cats were not a fan of.

This company provides for all shapes and sizes, the cat box comes in one standard size but the boxes for dogs come in three different sizes classified by weight. This makes sure that each package is customized for the size of your furry friend!  The box is $28.99 for one month, $23.99 (per month) for three months, $20.99 for six months OR $18.99 for a whole year of fun pet toys!!!!

The only down side to this box is there are only five products but at the same time they are quality toys and all natural snacks which are usually pricier anyways.

If this fun box of pet goodies interests you head on over to Pet Gift Box and enjoy!!


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