Squint Box

HELLO ALL I HAVE MISSED YOU! I am so sorry I have been away for so long, I went on vacation, moved back into college. But now I am settled in and ready to go! I have tons of new boxes to talk about! Includingggggggggggggggg Squint Box!!!!

Squint Box is obviously a monthly subscription, made for a more specific group of people. This box features about five or six hand crafted artistic miniatures. I would recommend this box to any artist, collector, or anyone who creates miniature scenes. These miniatures are daily products and it’s very clear that whoever makes them puts in a lot of effort and care to create this box.

My box included SIX miniatures. I had three food and drink items. These items were a small blueberry pie,  a wine bottle and a margarita glass with a cute little orange peel attached to it. Also included were three house hold items such as candle sticks, an extension chord and  a vintage magazine.

I do see the appeal in these fascinating pieces of art.  I can also fully appreciate the time and commitment taken to make each miniature. Personally, I’m not sure if I would get this subscription again. But as I said for any collector, artists, etc, I do believe it is a great box of its kind!

If this box SCREAMS you please head on over to Squint Box right now! c: