Chef Club Box

Hello again! I am sorry for the delay in posts. I have a few more boxes to discuss and I hope y’all have stayed around to discuss them. To catch up with all the unboxings I have done on my Youtube channel (which you can check out here,)  I will be talking about Chef Club Box! This box is an AWESOME idea for parents and kids who love cooking and great food!

This box is full of healthy delicious snacks geared towards children. The snacks in my box included, a healthy version of Twizzlers,  a healthy version of Doritos, Naan chips and many more yummy snacks. Not to mention this box also comes with kitchen tools such as a whisk and ingredients to make something yummy alone or with a parent. My box came with a recipe for a yummy dressing!  (I just said yummy a lot.)

I really highly recommend this box for children interested in food and cooking. This box is full of snacks, recipes, kitchen utensils AND a fun booklet of games and recipes. This box starts at 32.39$ and you can purchase it at  Chef Club Box right now!!