Dollar Shave Club

Happy December! I hope everyone had a happy holidays and a great 2016! I have been busy busy busy but it is time to continue our never ending adventures of unboxings!
Speaking of unboxings I am very excited to finally talk about Dollar Shave Club  ! This box was highly recommended and asked for by both my viewers and family members. 

Before talking about what I received I just have to say I expected crappy, dollar store razors, (since the name of the box is DOLLAR shave club,) but this was some quality products!!!!!!!

My box included Dollar Shave’s Wanderer products as well, which included citrus face cleansers, lavender soap (which I used daily), lavender shave butter, a lavender lufa type thing AND durable razors! I received two of the actual razors as well as two boxes of four razor blades.They were two different sized razors and I plan to use both of them!

I HIGHLY recommend this box! I’m sorry I did not describe the products well, however you can check out my video below to see the specific products that I got in my box!

Dollar Shave Club‘s prices range from exactly $1.00 a month all the way to $20.00 a month, which for a monthly box, is NOTHING! The reason the prices range so much is because you can customize your box! If you want just razor blades YOU GET JUST RAZORS BLADES but if you want razor blades, soap and shave cream YOU GET YOU RAZOR BLADES, SOAP AND SHAVE CREAM! Dollar Shave Club lets you do you. Go check ’em out!