Chef Club Box

Hello again everyone! Today I’m going to continue on catching up with monthly boxes and hopefully after tomorrow we will be back on track for a post a week! You guys can read the title let’s dive into Chef Club Box!

Now this box is mostly geared towards kids, but I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed ALMOST every snack in the box. The box comes with like a TON of snacks, a few kitchen tools and a recipe for your kid to make. This is the second time I’ve gotten to review this box, the first post I made you can check out HERE!

Both times the kitchen tools I received were a whisk and a orange peeler. I don’t know if this was by coincidence or if that’s the kitchen tool you receive every time, but I did get the same ones both times. The snacks in my box did differ from the last box I received. There was a good variety of healthy chips, healthy bars and my favorite COCONUT CHIPS! You guys have no idea how good coconut chips are until you try them.

I am a fan of yummy unhealthy snacks, I will be the first to tell you that. But the majority of the snacks in this box are healthy AND delicious, which is a strange concept to me. This is good for any kid who doesn’t necessarily eat healthy food because you can convince them it’s still snack food, because it is.

I really would recommend this box to parents trying to find healthy delicious options for snacks for their kids. You get a large ranges of choices so your kid can try a ton of snacks and find which is right for them.  I probably wouldn’t recommend this to adults with out kids, there are tons of snack boxes and this one really is geared towards getting kids to cook and eat healthy. This box starts at 24.99$, and if you would like more information click right HERE!



Raw Spice Bar 

Hello lovies! I’m sorry for the abundance of posts today but I’m trying to catch up on all my monthly boxes! This one I would call more of an envelope full of delicious spices! Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription filled with three different spices and recipes! 

The subscription comes with a different theme each month. I got my package back in October so my theme was Octoberfest, an experience I’ve never had before. The three spices I received were caraway, fennel and anise spice, schnitzel spices and horseradish and mustard seeds spice. Each spice came with a different recipie to make with said spice. 

I love the idea of this subscription but I do not think I would personally purchase it again. It’s awesome to get a delicious combination of spices sent to your door but you do still need to purchase the ingredients for the recipes and I unfortunately can’t afford that. However for those who can these spices smell so delicious! 

This subscription is 7.00$ and month or 8.00$ for just a single purchase of the box. If this is a monthly subscription that interests you click HERE

The Music Box 

The Music Box  is a subscription box I have reviewed twice now. The first time was almost a year ago and this box is STILL the #1 music related subscription box. If you want to check out last years review check it out HERE

I am still so happy with the purpose of this box. This box takes new bands CD’s, singles and EP’s and each month you get a box full of different bands and new music! This box is great for the music fan who always loves getting into new bands and new sounds. Not to mention this box is also great for new bands to advertise their material.

There’s three types of boxes ranging from 5.00$ to 15.00$ and I do have to say you get about what you pay for if not a little bit more. CD’s in the real world cost anywhere from 5.00$ to 20.00$ and for as much as 15.00$ you get like five CD’s, plus band merch, plus iTunes coupons. 

Again this is for a very specific group of people, but I’m in that group of people. I love new music and I love supporting new up and coming bands. Who doesn’t want new music before the rest of the world!? This box is a worthy investment and very good quality. Plus you get a few pieces of candy in your box so like that’s always a bonus! If you want new music at your doorstep every month check out The Music Box right now!!!! 

Chroma Club

Calling all children, or those of us adults who still believe they are children, this box (envelope??) is for you.

 Chroma Club is a monthly coloring book subscription for those of us who are advanced color in the liners. By this I mean that the images are more complex than your average coloring book. I’m excited to say this is the third time I’ve gotten to review Chroma Club! If you want to check out my other reviews click: HERE
The pictures are complex but still small enough that you can finish them in a reasonable amount of time. 

This subscription is 8.00$ which I’ve been back and forth on figuring out if this book is worth the 8.00$. It is cool to have an adult coloring book at your door every month, but it is only like ten images for 8.00$. 

I do have to say though, there is a 2.00$ coupon when you first sign up that makes the products 6.00$ and that may be worth it. Or you can purchase 3 months or 6 months in which there are discounts involved as well.

If you love adult coloring books you should consider checking out Chroma Club! It’s a really cool idea for a monthly subscription! 


Yes, yes this box (envelope?) exists.

This is going to be a very quick post because in my cute lil envelope there were only two stickers! I love the concept of this box and the stickers are extremely adorable but I was kinda bummed when I opened the envelope and only two stickers were in there.

Now I did actually end up with two months of Cat Sticker Club so I did get to see a small variety of stickers that they produce. In the envelope I opened in the video below I got two stickers. The first was a sticker with their Cat Sticker Club logo on it and the second was a slice of pizza with lil kitties all over, which is actually pretty freakin cute.

Although there were only two stickers in my envelope, you do get what you pay for. The box is only $3.50 a month.

Something I really like about this company is it allows outside artists to design their stickers. This means each month the group of stickers you get are coming from a different artist from around the world. They also allow the artists to earn a portion of sales from their design. So it is a good company.

I don’t think I would get this box again, only because there are two stickers. But if you like cats and you like stickers this is a really cute box maybe to try out once or twice! Let me know what you think in the comments if this is a fair price or if the box should have more stickers! Check out Cat Sticker Club: HERE!

The Cozy Mug

Hello ladies, gentleman, and all those in between, I am back to this blog to post a lot of late reviews and to catch up on my many unboxing escapades! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting a lot but I am determined to get this blog up and running again!

As you can see from the title I am here to talk about The Cozy Mug! This is my second time reviewing this box, if you want to read about this first time please click HERE!

I’m not gonna lie this is probably one of my favorite boxes, and I feel awful that it took so long to post about. I reviewed this box all the way back in September and the box was for the month of September so The Cozy Mug has had many a box since then.

The first thing I got was a cute lil snack. Besides tea, the box is filled with lots of other relaxing, body positive goodies. The snack was a raspberry fig bar and it was all healthy and what not. The next thing I grabbed was actually nail polish which was nice to see that there’s items that you can use to pamper yourself while getting COZY with your tea. Then there were chai tea MINTS! I live for chai tea, I didn’t know chai tea mints existed but they are a great invention.

Then finally the tea.

There are two ways the tea came in my box. Loose leaf tea and three individual tea bags. The tea bags were Tazo tea which is the most amazing brand of tea, and the flavors were green ginger, CHAI VANILLA CARAMEL, and organic bramble wine (????) I didn’t know what this flavor was going into this video and I still don’t understand it AFTER drinking the tea. And for the loose leaf teas I ended up with: Ginger peach, Calypso mango, and Sunburst green tea.

ALSO what I forgot to mention is that the packaging is the cutest lil thing I ever did see. Each tea is individually wrapped in cute colorful tissue paper! If you love pampering yourself I really recommend checking out The Cozy Mug . I wish I could afford 24.95 a month, because I would 100% fully subscribe to this box. It really is like a present for yourself each month. However, if this box is in your price range and you love to focus on your mental and psychical health, OR if you are just a tea fanatic, check out The Cozy Mug  ASAP! ❤