Yes, yes this box (envelope?) exists.

This is going to be a very quick post because in my cute lil envelope there were only two stickers! I love the concept of this box and the stickers are extremely adorable but I was kinda bummed when I opened the envelope and only two stickers were in there.

Now I did actually end up with two months of Cat Sticker Club so I did get to see a small variety of stickers that they produce. In the envelope I opened in the video below I got two stickers. The first was a sticker with their Cat Sticker Club logo on it and the second was a slice of pizza with lil kitties all over, which is actually pretty freakin cute.

Although there were only two stickers in my envelope, you do get what you pay for. The box is only $3.50 a month.

Something I really like about this company is it allows outside artists to design their stickers. This means each month the group of stickers you get are coming from a different artist from around the world. They also allow the artists to earn a portion of sales from their design. So it is a good company.

I don’t think I would get this box again, only because there are two stickers. But if you like cats and you like stickers this is a really cute box maybe to try out once or twice! Let me know what you think in the comments if this is a fair price or if the box should have more stickers! Check out Cat Sticker Club: HERE!


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