Chroma Club

Calling all children, or those of us adults who still believe they are children, this box (envelope??) is for you.

 Chroma Club is a monthly coloring book subscription for those of us who are advanced color in the liners. By this I mean that the images are more complex than your average coloring book. I’m excited to say this is the third time I’ve gotten to review Chroma Club! If you want to check out my other reviews click: HERE
The pictures are complex but still small enough that you can finish them in a reasonable amount of time. 

This subscription is 8.00$ which I’ve been back and forth on figuring out if this book is worth the 8.00$. It is cool to have an adult coloring book at your door every month, but it is only like ten images for 8.00$. 

I do have to say though, there is a 2.00$ coupon when you first sign up that makes the products 6.00$ and that may be worth it. Or you can purchase 3 months or 6 months in which there are discounts involved as well.

If you love adult coloring books you should consider checking out Chroma Club! It’s a really cool idea for a monthly subscription! 


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