Raw Spice Bar 

Hello lovies! I’m sorry for the abundance of posts today but I’m trying to catch up on all my monthly boxes! This one I would call more of an envelope full of delicious spices! Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription filled with three different spices and recipes! 

The subscription comes with a different theme each month. I got my package back in October so my theme was Octoberfest, an experience I’ve never had before. The three spices I received were caraway, fennel and anise spice, schnitzel spices and horseradish and mustard seeds spice. Each spice came with a different recipie to make with said spice. 

I love the idea of this subscription but I do not think I would personally purchase it again. It’s awesome to get a delicious combination of spices sent to your door but you do still need to purchase the ingredients for the recipes and I unfortunately can’t afford that. However for those who can these spices smell so delicious! 

This subscription is 7.00$ and month or 8.00$ for just a single purchase of the box. If this is a monthly subscription that interests you click HERE


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