The Cozy Mug

Hello ladies, gentleman, and all those in between, I am back to this blog to post a lot of late reviews and to catch up on my many unboxing escapades! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting a lot but I am determined to get this blog up and running again!

As you can see from the title I am here to talk about The Cozy Mug! This is my second time reviewing this box, if you want to read about this first time please click HERE!

I’m not gonna lie this is probably one of my favorite boxes, and I feel awful that it took so long to post about. I reviewed this box all the way back in September and the box was for the month of September so The Cozy Mug has had many a box since then.

The first thing I got was a cute lil snack. Besides tea, the box is filled with lots of other relaxing, body positive goodies. The snack was a raspberry fig bar and it was all healthy and what not. The next thing I grabbed was actually nail polish which was nice to see that there’s items that you can use to pamper yourself while getting COZY with your tea. Then there were chai tea MINTS! I live for chai tea, I didn’t know chai tea mints existed but they are a great invention.

Then finally the tea.

There are two ways the tea came in my box. Loose leaf tea and three individual tea bags. The tea bags were Tazo tea which is the most amazing brand of tea, and the flavors were green ginger, CHAI VANILLA CARAMEL, and organic bramble wine (????) I didn’t know what this flavor was going into this video and I still don’t understand it AFTER drinking the tea. And for the loose leaf teas I ended up with: Ginger peach, Calypso mango, and Sunburst green tea.

ALSO what I forgot to mention is that the packaging is the cutest lil thing I ever did see. Each tea is individually wrapped in cute colorful tissue paper! If you love pampering yourself I really recommend checking out The Cozy Mug . I wish I could afford 24.95 a month, because I would 100% fully subscribe to this box. It really is like a present for yourself each month. However, if this box is in your price range and you love to focus on your mental and psychical health, OR if you are just a tea fanatic, check out The Cozy Mug  ASAP! ❤


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