The Music Box 

The Music Box  is a subscription box I have reviewed twice now. The first time was almost a year ago and this box is STILL the #1 music related subscription box. If you want to check out last years review check it out HERE

I am still so happy with the purpose of this box. This box takes new bands CD’s, singles and EP’s and each month you get a box full of different bands and new music! This box is great for the music fan who always loves getting into new bands and new sounds. Not to mention this box is also great for new bands to advertise their material.

There’s three types of boxes ranging from 5.00$ to 15.00$ and I do have to say you get about what you pay for if not a little bit more. CD’s in the real world cost anywhere from 5.00$ to 20.00$ and for as much as 15.00$ you get like five CD’s, plus band merch, plus iTunes coupons. 

Again this is for a very specific group of people, but I’m in that group of people. I love new music and I love supporting new up and coming bands. Who doesn’t want new music before the rest of the world!? This box is a worthy investment and very good quality. Plus you get a few pieces of candy in your box so like that’s always a bonus! If you want new music at your doorstep every month check out The Music Box right now!!!! 


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