Chef Club Box

Hello again everyone! Today I’m going to continue on catching up with monthly boxes and hopefully after tomorrow we will be back on track for a post a week! You guys can read the title let’s dive into Chef Club Box!

Now this box is mostly geared towards kids, but I’m not gonna lie, I enjoyed ALMOST every snack in the box. The box comes with like a TON of snacks, a few kitchen tools and a recipe for your kid to make. This is the second time I’ve gotten to review this box, the first post I made you can check out HERE!

Both times the kitchen tools I received were a whisk and a orange peeler. I don’t know if this was by coincidence or if that’s the kitchen tool you receive every time, but I did get the same ones both times. The snacks in my box did differ from the last box I received. There was a good variety of healthy chips, healthy bars and my favorite COCONUT CHIPS! You guys have no idea how good coconut chips are until you try them.

I am a fan of yummy unhealthy snacks, I will be the first to tell you that. But the majority of the snacks in this box are healthy AND delicious, which is a strange concept to me. This is good for any kid who doesn’t necessarily eat healthy food because you can convince them it’s still snack food, because it is.

I really would recommend this box to parents trying to find healthy delicious options for snacks for their kids. You get a large ranges of choices so your kid can try a ton of snacks and find which is right for them.  I probably wouldn’t recommend this to adults with out kids, there are tons of snack boxes and this one really is geared towards getting kids to cook and eat healthy. This box starts at 24.99$, and if you would like more information click right HERE!



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