Emma & Chloe US

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all having an amazing Sunday! I don’t know where all you readers live but where I live it is FINALLY nice out and not freezing cold. Today I am here to talk about a beautiful classy french jewelry subscription box called Emma & Chloe!

This will be a shorter post because the box only comes with one piece of jewelry. This piece comes from French designers that you would see during France’s fashion week. So this is some fancy stuff. I am excited to say that on Tuesday I will be posting a second unboxing for this company with a second piece of jewelry so you cans can get multiple examples of what’s in this box.

Each box has the chance of being 1 in 5 pieces of jewelry at random. My box had a gold ring on it with three little green jewels. I would say it is a very abstract piece of jewelry and would not abide to everyone’s taste. That being said each box is a new designer so if you strike out on one box, you may hit a home run with the next one! Also with each new designer comes a fashion magazine with pages full of their work for the month and how to wear each piece. (PLUS it tells you the price of each individual item.)

Speaking of price this box is $35.00 for one month. This is jewelry coming all the way from France so I do understand the price. My ring was placed at a retail value between $50-$60, so if this is something you are interested in you are still getting a good deal! Click HERE for more info on Emma & Chloe!


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