Emma & Chloe US March 2017

Happy summer to all y’all college students who read my posts! And happy youstillhaveamonthleftofschool to all those younger than 18! I have a few posts to catch up on tonight and hopefully will get them all done!

So my first post will be about my unboxing of the Emma & Chloe US March 2017 box! Now this is my second time reviewing this company and my first time you can read HERE! Last review I got a pretty cool ring but it wasn’t really my style. THIS TIME THOUGH I got a super cool necklace that I plan on wearing A LOT!

A little about Emma & Chloe US… The company delivers French important jewelry straight from up and coming French designers. There’s over 100 designers and they range from brand new jewelers all the way to designers for France’s fashion week.

So this necklace right. I told the company that I prefer gold over silver so I got a gold necklace with blue little beads on it (see video below for visual.) This necklace retails at $60 but again the box is only $35!

I’m not one to splurge on fancy jewelry, but if you know you got a fancy night coming up and you’re not quite sure what to wear, I think Emma & Chloe  can definitely help out!  For more information head on over to their website right now!


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