Pretty Panty AND Splendies!

Hey guys! I’m just gonna dive right into it. In the video linked below I did a double unboxing and thought I’d even it out with a double post about these two companies. Now these companies are very similar in the fact that they both sell UNDERWEAR! So I figured I’d open then up at the same time.

The first box (bag) came from Femisecrets and they are called PRETTY PANTY! Which of course made me think of pretty patties from Spongebob. This product is actually a period panty! I’ve heard of period panties before but never sought out to purchase them. However I was really excited when I learned this panties were period products. Each pair is anywhere from $5-$10 which I would say is an amazing deal compared to a lot of other period products.

The pair I got was a gorgeous blue, with a really stretchy waist band which I like. I honestly don’t ever plan on using these as actual period panties cause they are too darn cute.

The other product I unbagged was from Splendies , which I’m sure you’ve seen videos for all over Facebook! This monthly subscription gives you three pairs of underwear, all custom chosen for you. When you sign up for the company you tell them your size and favorite type of underwear.

My bag came with one of each type! Plus something really cool, this package is only 13.99 a month which is like $4.50 for each pair. (WAY CHEAPER THAN V SECRET)!

I can’t compare these two companies because they both gave me amazing products. Please check them both out today!


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