TokyoTreat Box

Alright guys I cannot stop BEAMING about this box! Tokyo Treat is truly an amazing box and WAY worth the price! I have so much to say but I think my FOURTEEN minute video says it all! I’m sorry it’s so long but I wanted to show you guys each item in the box!

Tokyo Treat boxes start at only $14.99 a month and SHIPPING IS FREE! THEY SHIP FROM JAPAN AND IT IS FREE! The box that I am unboxing here was $24.99 a month which is more than worth it because it had 15+ items in it! Please check out the video below  and head over to Tokyo Treat  right now! 😀



Watch Out Tomorrow: Tokyotreat

HELLO LOVELY BLOG FOLLOWERS! This week I am going to be a day late with my video. I am quite sick and my voice is hard to understand. However today in the mail I received my Tokyo Treat Box which I am far to excited to open. This box has tons of candies and snacks sent straight from Japan. I’m super excited!

To get you all pumped for the month, some of my future unboxings include: Dollar Tea Club , Royal Crate, BeadtroveMy Dot Boxx The Naked Dog Box  (Again, I know, I’m excited,) Bright Scent Box , a New York clothing company and Ellie Active wear!

These are just a few of the boxes you all will see on my channel. I love being able to show you guys examples of each company before you decide to purchase them. It can be hard sometimes when companies have new things in their box each month and you’re never really sure if you’ll like them or not.

Pretty please let me know if there’s any companies you’d like to see me unboxing!
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