Chef Club Box

Hello again! I am sorry for the delay in posts. I have a few more boxes to discuss and I hope y’all have stayed around to discuss them. To catch up with all the unboxings I have done on my Youtube channel (which you can check out here,)  I will be talking about Chef Club Box! This box is an AWESOME idea for parents and kids who love cooking and great food!

This box is full of healthy delicious snacks geared towards children. The snacks in my box included, a healthy version of Twizzlers,  a healthy version of Doritos, Naan chips and many more yummy snacks. Not to mention this box also comes with kitchen tools such as a whisk and ingredients to make something yummy alone or with a parent. My box came with a recipe for a yummy dressing!  (I just said yummy a lot.)

I really highly recommend this box for children interested in food and cooking. This box is full of snacks, recipes, kitchen utensils AND a fun booklet of games and recipes. This box starts at 32.39$ and you can purchase it at  Chef Club Box right now!!


Squint Box

HELLO ALL I HAVE MISSED YOU! I am so sorry I have been away for so long, I went on vacation, moved back into college. But now I am settled in and ready to go! I have tons of new boxes to talk about! Includingggggggggggggggg Squint Box!!!!

Squint Box is obviously a monthly subscription, made for a more specific group of people. This box features about five or six hand crafted artistic miniatures. I would recommend this box to any artist, collector, or anyone who creates miniature scenes. These miniatures are daily products and it’s very clear that whoever makes them puts in a lot of effort and care to create this box.

My box included SIX miniatures. I had three food and drink items. These items were a small blueberry pie,  a wine bottle and a margarita glass with a cute little orange peel attached to it. Also included were three house hold items such as candle sticks, an extension chord and  a vintage magazine.

I do see the appeal in these fascinating pieces of art.  I can also fully appreciate the time and commitment taken to make each miniature. Personally, I’m not sure if I would get this subscription again. But as I said for any collector, artists, etc, I do believe it is a great box of its kind!

If this box SCREAMS you please head on over to Squint Box right now! c:


Hello lovely followers and readers, I am doing an AWESOME giveaway of the BBQ Treat box which I have reviewed on this page before… You can see that here: BBQ Treat Review! Please feel free to enter every single day, winner will be picked this SUNDAY the 24th. Go go go!!!

ALSO if you mention that you are entering through this blog post I will add your name in FIVE TIMES! That’s FIVE chances to win this awesome prize!
Go check it out!!

Pet Gift Box (Part Two) July Box

This may be a short review only because it is my SECOND TIME reviewing the AMAZING box which is Pet Gift Box! Again this box provides awesome pet products for dogs and cats, big or small! The food products are all natural and the toys are high quality. If you want to check out my last review of this company you can check it out here: Pet Gift Box Review !

I did my original review previous to my Youtube channel coming out. So luckily I was able to do an unboxing this time to show everyone the awesome products inside! My box was for my two cats Marley and Bailey. Each month the box has a different theme which I love and this month’s was “Gone Fishing.” If it wasn’t obvious that means that everything in the box was fish related. I received 2 fish pet toys, a fun squeeze fish toy, a catnip filled fish toy and freeze dried shrimp which unfortunately my cats were not a fan of.

This company provides for all shapes and sizes, the cat box comes in one standard size but the boxes for dogs come in three different sizes classified by weight. This makes sure that each package is customized for the size of your furry friend!  The box is $28.99 for one month, $23.99 (per month) for three months, $20.99 for six months OR $18.99 for a whole year of fun pet toys!!!!

The only down side to this box is there are only five products but at the same time they are quality toys and all natural snacks which are usually pricier anyways.

If this fun box of pet goodies interests you head on over to Pet Gift Box and enjoy!!

Lip Monthly

Every girl OR boy needs their own bag of professional, quality, lip products to use in their every day life. This is possible THANKS TO the creators of Lip Monthly. This company provides make up bags monthly with four to five make up items that can help you with your lip and beauty daily routines. Each month comes with a costume bag and is filled with three to four lip products and one bonus make up item unrelated to lips.

I received the June bag from lip monthly. The actual make up bag was green and covered in ADORABLE red cherries. Now what I really like about this bag is it tells you the retail price of each item that is in your bag. I received a lip crayon, lip butter, a blush and cheek stick AND my extra make up item was a highlighting pen. THIS ARE QUALITY PRODUCTS! I know a lot of people advertise companies and lie about their products but I am telling you this is the real deal, they provide you real quality products from high end brands.

Now as I mentioned the bag does come with a card telling you the prices of each item and my bag cost a total of $69.95 if I were to purchase every item separately. I am going to repeat that, ALMOST $70 DOLLARS!

And you’ll never guess how much this bag costs.

Go ahead guess.

$12.95 people! Every item in the bag costs more than the actual bag itself!! Plus if you look on the Lip Monthly  website they post deals and ways to get free bags ALL THE TIME! So if you love make up and more importantly quality make up please consider subscribing to   Lip Monthly .


BBQ Treat

Happy 4th of July everyone!! What are some things you think of when you think of the 4th? Hot dogs, hamburgers, BARBECUE?? I would say those are the top things I think of, and it’s perfect that it’s the 4th because today  because I just received a box from BBQ Treat!! This company sells award winning BBQ rubs and sauces each and every month!

Each month the company features one award winning pit master’s rub and BBQ sauces. These products are hand picked by owners Ben and Nick who have both competed and judged in hundreds of barbecue competitions and NOW they are here to send award winning barbecue products straight to your door step.

My box came with Victory Lane BBQ rub, BBQ sauces, butter bath and wrap, a whole guide to pit master secrets in cooking AND an awesome food magnet telling you the right temperatures to get your rare to well done meats whilst cooking. The BBQ sauce was mild which I loved because I cannot stand spicy food. It was smoky with a nice kick and I COMPLETELY understand how it is an award winning sauce. Plus I love the idea of the magnet, it is big and easy to read and perfect size to put on your fridge and refer to every day.

Again, it is the summer, it is the 4th, BBQ products are a necessity this time of year. And for only $39.99 a month OR $49.99 for a one time payment, you can have AMAZING BBQ products at your door! Check out BBQ Treat  this second!!

ZenBox By Jen

Being a junior in college I know ALL about anxiety, ESPECIALLY after my freshmen year. Switching over to life without your parents is HARD, however I have a box that can help calm the stress of whatever life has to throw at you and this box is Zen Box by Jen. This box includes oils, teas, salts and tips to help your life become a more relax filled, stress free adventure.

This box started off because Jen suffers from anxiety and depression and she found solace in meditation, essential oils, teas and a few other remedies that she stuffed into one cute little box. Anyone who has overcome anxiety deserves a huge reward, and you can reward Jen by checking out her AMAZING box.

The box comes in one size, but one size is plenty. I felt calm just by the scents that I smelt when I opened it. I was a little confused by the papers in my box but once I read them I completely understood the reason they were there. There was a page to color which I learned from months of anxiety that coloring for hours is an amazing way to relieve stress so I’m so glad that was in there. The other papers were affirmations and routines that one can do to help better their life and mental health. My box also had three flavors of tea from Yogi teas which are my favorite teas, relaxing bath salts and eucalyptus essential oils. I use eucalyptus stress relief body wash from Bath and Body works, so this was like heaven to me. PLUS LAVENDER OATMEAL SOAP, all the things you want in a soap, lavender and oatmeal. HOW COOL!

This box is really awesome because if you would like you can purchase just a single one time box from ZenBox  for $25.00. However, if you’re interested in stress relief zen every month of your life you get %10 off a month for being a monthly subscriber. This makes the box only $22.50 a month, and if that’s something that sounds like a great deal to you please be sure to check out ZenBox and send positive vibes ❤


Treatsie Artisan Sweets

I have a sweet tooth and I know you do too! Never fear, I just found a great way to take care of those cravings and that is Treatsie! This box is yet another monthly subscription full of incredible artisan sweets. My favorite part was that I found most products to be natural, organic, GMO free or no artificial colors which makes them slightly healthier than your average cookie or candy bar. So if you’re reaching for a sweet snack why not try Treatsie?

My box came with five items, four original ones and one bonus item! The snacks I received were coconut shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate (YUM), little sour hard candies, caramel filled waffles, healthy fruit chews (kinda like Starbursts only organic), and last but not least ginger cookies filled with 3 different types of ginger.

There wasn’t a food item I did not enjoy in the box, usually there’s one or too but you do enter your food preferences when you sign up for the box. I would tell you guys if one or two snacks did not taste how I expected, but I really did like each item and could easily taste the quality and the sweetness c:!

These boxes come with multiple payment options which I mention in my video linked below, however the standard monthly price is $19.95 per box per month and that includes shipping and handling. A big thing I like about Treatsie  that not a lot of subscription boxes do is if there’s one item you favor over the others in your box you can purchase each snack separately on their website as well.  SO for example since I really liked the chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, I may end up just purchasing a bunch of those with out having to subscribe to the box monthly.

I really do recommend this box, I was highly impressed with the quality of the food and it really isn’t a ridiculous price, it comes out to about $4.00 a snack, which is around what you would pay for each one individually anyways.  Please check out Treasie  if this is something that interests you and feel free to use the code lauratreatsie to get an extra snack in your box!

Bootay Bag


I also can’t deny that I like MONTHLY UNDERWEAR from Bootay Bag! This is a monthly subscription company that sells, as I just said, monthly underwear. They send two pairs to your door AND shipping is FREE! Who doesn’t like free?

This company also stands out to me because they are very active in donating to the Melanoma foundation, which if for some reason you don’t know what Melanoma is it is a form of skin cancer. So not only are you getting really REALLY cute underwear, but your money is going to a great cause.

I did get one subscription bag and it came with two VERY cute pairs of underwear. The first pair was black, lace like, had a very cute design and was a thong. The second was a regular pair of underwear (whatever you call a regular shape pair) and they were a tan and pinkish type of underwear made from very comfortable feeling fabric. I love the idea of monthly underwear and am really considering fully subscribing to this company because who couldn’t use monthly underwear?

The company reminds you on each pair of underwear as well, make sure to use the #undermatters when posting about your products (if you decide to show them off to the world) and a donation will be made to the melanoma foundation! Such a great idea!

The lovely bag of two pairs of underwear costs $12 a month with FREE shipping. WORTH IT!!!! They look so nice! I compared it to Victoria Secrets in my video (attached below) saying that each pair there is a little less than $6 as well (if you do their 5 for $27.50 deal) so most people are used to spending that price on underwear anyways. PLUS they sell different underwear and bras on their website seppperate from the subscription bag as well.

If free shipping and comfortable, good looking underwear sound like  a commitment you want to make go check out Bootay Bag today!!