TokyoTreat Box

Alright guys I cannot stop BEAMING about this box! Tokyo Treat is truly an amazing box and WAY worth the price! I have so much to say but I think my FOURTEEN minute video says it all! I’m sorry it’s so long but I wanted to show you guys each item in the box!

Tokyo Treat boxes start at only $14.99 a month and SHIPPING IS FREE! THEY SHIP FROM JAPAN AND IT IS FREE! The box that I am unboxing here was $24.99 a month which is more than worth it because it had 15+ items in it! Please check out the video below  and head over to Tokyo Treat  right now! 😀



Watch Out Tomorrow: Tokyotreat

HELLO LOVELY BLOG FOLLOWERS! This week I am going to be a day late with my video. I am quite sick and my voice is hard to understand. However today in the mail I received my Tokyo Treat Box which I am far to excited to open. This box has tons of candies and snacks sent straight from Japan. I’m super excited!

To get you all pumped for the month, some of my future unboxings include: Dollar Tea Club , Royal Crate, BeadtroveMy Dot Boxx The Naked Dog Box  (Again, I know, I’m excited,) Bright Scent Box , a New York clothing company and Ellie Active wear!

These are just a few of the boxes you all will see on my channel. I love being able to show you guys examples of each company before you decide to purchase them. It can be hard sometimes when companies have new things in their box each month and you’re never really sure if you’ll like them or not.

Pretty please let me know if there’s any companies you’d like to see me unboxing!
Make sure to check subscribe to my Youtube channel as well to see the Tokyo Treat Box unboxing tomorrow!!!


Pretty Panty AND Splendies!

Hey guys! I’m just gonna dive right into it. In the video linked below I did a double unboxing and thought I’d even it out with a double post about these two companies. Now these companies are very similar in the fact that they both sell UNDERWEAR! So I figured I’d open then up at the same time.

The first box (bag) came from Femisecrets and they are called PRETTY PANTY! Which of course made me think of pretty patties from Spongebob. This product is actually a period panty! I’ve heard of period panties before but never sought out to purchase them. However I was really excited when I learned this panties were period products. Each pair is anywhere from $5-$10 which I would say is an amazing deal compared to a lot of other period products.

The pair I got was a gorgeous blue, with a really stretchy waist band which I like. I honestly don’t ever plan on using these as actual period panties cause they are too darn cute.

The other product I unbagged was from Splendies , which I’m sure you’ve seen videos for all over Facebook! This monthly subscription gives you three pairs of underwear, all custom chosen for you. When you sign up for the company you tell them your size and favorite type of underwear.

My bag came with one of each type! Plus something really cool, this package is only 13.99 a month which is like $4.50 for each pair. (WAY CHEAPER THAN V SECRET)!

I can’t compare these two companies because they both gave me amazing products. Please check them both out today!

Emma & Chloe US March 2017

Happy summer to all y’all college students who read my posts! And happy youstillhaveamonthleftofschool to all those younger than 18! I have a few posts to catch up on tonight and hopefully will get them all done!

So my first post will be about my unboxing of the Emma & Chloe US March 2017 box! Now this is my second time reviewing this company and my first time you can read HERE! Last review I got a pretty cool ring but it wasn’t really my style. THIS TIME THOUGH I got a super cool necklace that I plan on wearing A LOT!

A little about Emma & Chloe US… The company delivers French important jewelry straight from up and coming French designers. There’s over 100 designers and they range from brand new jewelers all the way to designers for France’s fashion week.

So this necklace right. I told the company that I prefer gold over silver so I got a gold necklace with blue little beads on it (see video below for visual.) This necklace retails at $60 but again the box is only $35!

I’m not one to splurge on fancy jewelry, but if you know you got a fancy night coming up and you’re not quite sure what to wear, I think Emma & Chloe  can definitely help out!  For more information head on over to their website right now!

Raw Spice Bar 

Hello lovies! I’m sorry for the abundance of posts today but I’m trying to catch up on all my monthly boxes! This one I would call more of an envelope full of delicious spices! Raw Spice Bar is a monthly subscription filled with three different spices and recipes! 

The subscription comes with a different theme each month. I got my package back in October so my theme was Octoberfest, an experience I’ve never had before. The three spices I received were caraway, fennel and anise spice, schnitzel spices and horseradish and mustard seeds spice. Each spice came with a different recipie to make with said spice. 

I love the idea of this subscription but I do not think I would personally purchase it again. It’s awesome to get a delicious combination of spices sent to your door but you do still need to purchase the ingredients for the recipes and I unfortunately can’t afford that. However for those who can these spices smell so delicious! 

This subscription is 7.00$ and month or 8.00$ for just a single purchase of the box. If this is a monthly subscription that interests you click HERE

Chef Club Box

Hello again! I am sorry for the delay in posts. I have a few more boxes to discuss and I hope y’all have stayed around to discuss them. To catch up with all the unboxings I have done on my Youtube channel (which you can check out here,)  I will be talking about Chef Club Box! This box is an AWESOME idea for parents and kids who love cooking and great food!

This box is full of healthy delicious snacks geared towards children. The snacks in my box included, a healthy version of Twizzlers,  a healthy version of Doritos, Naan chips and many more yummy snacks. Not to mention this box also comes with kitchen tools such as a whisk and ingredients to make something yummy alone or with a parent. My box came with a recipe for a yummy dressing!  (I just said yummy a lot.)

I really highly recommend this box for children interested in food and cooking. This box is full of snacks, recipes, kitchen utensils AND a fun booklet of games and recipes. This box starts at 32.39$ and you can purchase it at  Chef Club Box right now!!

Squint Box

HELLO ALL I HAVE MISSED YOU! I am so sorry I have been away for so long, I went on vacation, moved back into college. But now I am settled in and ready to go! I have tons of new boxes to talk about! Includingggggggggggggggg Squint Box!!!!

Squint Box is obviously a monthly subscription, made for a more specific group of people. This box features about five or six hand crafted artistic miniatures. I would recommend this box to any artist, collector, or anyone who creates miniature scenes. These miniatures are daily products and it’s very clear that whoever makes them puts in a lot of effort and care to create this box.

My box included SIX miniatures. I had three food and drink items. These items were a small blueberry pie,  a wine bottle and a margarita glass with a cute little orange peel attached to it. Also included were three house hold items such as candle sticks, an extension chord and  a vintage magazine.

I do see the appeal in these fascinating pieces of art.  I can also fully appreciate the time and commitment taken to make each miniature. Personally, I’m not sure if I would get this subscription again. But as I said for any collector, artists, etc, I do believe it is a great box of its kind!

If this box SCREAMS you please head on over to Squint Box right now! c:


Hello lovely followers and readers, I am doing an AWESOME giveaway of the BBQ Treat box which I have reviewed on this page before… You can see that here: BBQ Treat Review! Please feel free to enter every single day, winner will be picked this SUNDAY the 24th. Go go go!!!

ALSO if you mention that you are entering through this blog post I will add your name in FIVE TIMES! That’s FIVE chances to win this awesome prize!
Go check it out!!

Pet Gift Box (Part Two) July Box

This may be a short review only because it is my SECOND TIME reviewing the AMAZING box which is Pet Gift Box! Again this box provides awesome pet products for dogs and cats, big or small! The food products are all natural and the toys are high quality. If you want to check out my last review of this company you can check it out here: Pet Gift Box Review !

I did my original review previous to my Youtube channel coming out. So luckily I was able to do an unboxing this time to show everyone the awesome products inside! My box was for my two cats Marley and Bailey. Each month the box has a different theme which I love and this month’s was “Gone Fishing.” If it wasn’t obvious that means that everything in the box was fish related. I received 2 fish pet toys, a fun squeeze fish toy, a catnip filled fish toy and freeze dried shrimp which unfortunately my cats were not a fan of.

This company provides for all shapes and sizes, the cat box comes in one standard size but the boxes for dogs come in three different sizes classified by weight. This makes sure that each package is customized for the size of your furry friend!  The box is $28.99 for one month, $23.99 (per month) for three months, $20.99 for six months OR $18.99 for a whole year of fun pet toys!!!!

The only down side to this box is there are only five products but at the same time they are quality toys and all natural snacks which are usually pricier anyways.

If this fun box of pet goodies interests you head on over to Pet Gift Box and enjoy!!

Lip Monthly

Every girl OR boy needs their own bag of professional, quality, lip products to use in their every day life. This is possible THANKS TO the creators of Lip Monthly. This company provides make up bags monthly with four to five make up items that can help you with your lip and beauty daily routines. Each month comes with a costume bag and is filled with three to four lip products and one bonus make up item unrelated to lips.

I received the June bag from lip monthly. The actual make up bag was green and covered in ADORABLE red cherries. Now what I really like about this bag is it tells you the retail price of each item that is in your bag. I received a lip crayon, lip butter, a blush and cheek stick AND my extra make up item was a highlighting pen. THIS ARE QUALITY PRODUCTS! I know a lot of people advertise companies and lie about their products but I am telling you this is the real deal, they provide you real quality products from high end brands.

Now as I mentioned the bag does come with a card telling you the prices of each item and my bag cost a total of $69.95 if I were to purchase every item separately. I am going to repeat that, ALMOST $70 DOLLARS!

And you’ll never guess how much this bag costs.

Go ahead guess.

$12.95 people! Every item in the bag costs more than the actual bag itself!! Plus if you look on the Lip Monthly  website they post deals and ways to get free bags ALL THE TIME! So if you love make up and more importantly quality make up please consider subscribing to   Lip Monthly .