ZenBox By Jen

Being a junior in college I know ALL about anxiety, ESPECIALLY after my freshmen year. Switching over to life without your parents is HARD, however I have a box that can help calm the stress of whatever life has to throw at you and this box is Zen Box by Jen. This box includes oils, teas, salts and tips to help your life become a more relax filled, stress free adventure.

This box started off because Jen suffers from anxiety and depression and she found solace in meditation, essential oils, teas and a few other remedies that she stuffed into one cute little box. Anyone who has overcome anxiety deserves a huge reward, and you can reward Jen by checking out her AMAZING box.

The box comes in one size, but one size is plenty. I felt calm just by the scents that I smelt when I opened it. I was a little confused by the papers in my box but once I read them I completely understood the reason they were there. There was a page to color which I learned from months of anxiety that coloring for hours is an amazing way to relieve stress so I’m so glad that was in there. The other papers were affirmations and routines that one can do to help better their life and mental health. My box also had three flavors of tea from Yogi teas which are my favorite teas, relaxing bath salts and eucalyptus essential oils. I use eucalyptus stress relief body wash from Bath and Body works, so this was like heaven to me. PLUS LAVENDER OATMEAL SOAP, all the things you want in a soap, lavender and oatmeal. HOW COOL!

This box is really awesome because if you would like you can purchase just a single one time box from ZenBox  for $25.00. However, if you’re interested in stress relief zen every month of your life you get %10 off a month for being a monthly subscriber. This makes the box only $22.50 a month, and if that’s something that sounds like a great deal to you please be sure to check out ZenBox and send positive vibes ❤